John Williams School No. 5, Rochester, New York

John Williams School Number 5 began implementing Step Up to Writing® Fourth Edition school-wide in order to meet rigorous writing standards and help every student, at every skill level, learn to write thoughtful and organized compositions. Teacher Kelli Monique Briggs teaches her middle school students how to form effective arguments by providing writing assignments that are relevant to their daily lives and that prepare them for writing in high school and beyond.

"When our kids were taking the state exams or any type of essay, they would tense up and get nervous. Now they know to organize it [their writing]."

Kelli Monique Briggs, Teacher
John Williams School Number 5 – Rochester, NY

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Step Up To Writing

A comprehensive K-12 resource offers multisensory writing strategies that develop ability to create thoughtful, well-written compositions across all content areas.

Grade Level: Elementary,  High School,  Middle School
Subject: Writing
Format: Digital & Print

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