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Online Practice of Essential Reading Skills
- Grades K–5

Strengthen your students' foundational reading skills—in any learning environment

Reading Rangers is a reading practice program based on the Science of Reading filled with engaging experiences to help improve essential literacy skills and can be used with any core curriculum or intervention. Now available on iPad.

Dewey the librarian

Led by their host, Dewey, students engage in activities that help students own their learning journey--like personalized avatars, collecting tokens, and playing mini games that support reading practice.

Reading Rangers gives students:

  • An online solution to strengthen foundational reading skills
  • Multiple opportunities to learn and use new vocabulary, listen and practice fluent reading and illustrate acquisition of reading comprehension
  • Specific learning activities designed for students still in the acquisition phase of foundational literacy skills of phonological awareness and phonics.

Specific learning activities designed for all learning levels Reading Rangers provides teachers:

  • Access to reports and dashboards that provide real-time data that show how students are performing--and detail on specific areas they may be struggling
  • The ability to assign lessons to support instructional needs
  • Defined and consistent delivery of activities that follow a structured path of learning

Help your students reach literacy success with Reading Rangers.

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Dewey the librarian

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