Success for Beginner Readers (Grades K-4)

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What is Power Readers?

The Power Readers series is comprised of 28 related, decodable stories with recurring characters. It includes pre-reading and post-reading activity pages aligned with each story and the phonics concepts.

Motivating for Every Student

The colorful pictures and engaging stories motivate all students to interact with the text to read. Students have so much fun with the content, they are unaware of the rich foundational skills they are building.


Systematic building of one-syllable words to two-syllable words


Sound Stage to build phonemic awareness as students listen and articulate


Rhyme Time lets students write and sound out decodable words


Pre-reading and post-reading activity pages with student-friendly questions to gauge comprehension


Fun and engaging poetry, including 28 books and a program guide

Power Readers Materials

Why Power Readers?

  • Promotes vocabulary and reading comprehension
  • Students build skills through vocabulary and sight word practice
  • Realistic fiction of an expository nature used throughout
  • Poetry introduced and used throughout

Who Benefits from Power Readers?

All students in grades K–1 benefit from the skills-building exercises embedded in the Power Readers series. The series also is an excellent intervention tool for struggling readers in grades K–4.