1. Log in to LANGUAGE! Live

LANGUAGE! Live Login

2. Take the Self-Guided Orientation

Download the LANGUAGE! Live Manual Setup Walk-through. This short orientation to the program will help you learn how to set benchmark goals, how to place students, how to enroll students, and more.

LANGUAGE! Live Self-Guide Orientation

3. Adding Schools, Teachers, and Students

You have three options for enrolling students in LANGUAGE! Live:

  • Manual Entry
    Download the tip sheet to guide you through the process of manually adding schools, teachers, and students.
  • Importing Students
    Download the tip sheet to guide you through importing students to database from teachers to manually add or import students directly to classes.
  • Data Integration Options
    Download available Data Integration Options 
Language! Live Admin Set Up

4. Download Quick Reference Guides

After enrollment, these guides will help teachers and students get started in the program.

5. Contact Voyager Sopris Support

Call your Voyager Sopris Learning support team with technical or content questions: 800.547.6747 or email support@voyagersopris.com.