Everyday English Plus Language Development Program for Newcomers to English

Grades 6–12

What is Everyday English Plus?

Everyday English Plus is a complete English language development curriculum tailored for newcomers and students with limited English proficiency to increase oral language. Perfect for building foundational language skills and enhancing overall comprehension, Everyday English Plus focuses on real-life scenarios within nine engaging themed units of study where students explore familiar settings like school, home, neighborhood, and more. Lessons are teacher-directed with explicit instruction where learners are immersed in practical language concepts bridging social and academic language to solidify communication.

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Key Features

  • Builds a strong foundation with oral language instruction for social and conversational purposes
  • Beginning academic vocabulary and language support explicitly taught in engaging steps
  • Prepares students for success in content-area classes by having cross-curriculum support in each lesson with academic language instruction in Math, Science, Social Studies, and ELA
Everyday English Plus Students

Connect Learning to Everyday Life

As students master the basic, everyday language needed to communicate with their peers and teachers, they are motivated to move into more advanced content and become confident, independent learners.

Program features include:


Rocket lifting off

Cross-curricular content taught through the use of nine everyday scenarios


Multisensory approach to learning English with embedded assessments to measure student growth and understanding

Teacher in a classroom

Explicit, teacher-led instruction and daily instruction about reading and writing English

Student finding success

Best-practice scenarios based on research principles of English language learners


Valuable, daily practice in speaking with each other in a class setting

Everyday English Plus Middle School Students

Why Everyday English Plus?

  • Strengthens oral language and content knowledge with cross-curricular content
  • Explicit teacher-led instruction
  • Content is relevant and immediately useful to a student’s everyday life
  • Daily speaking and listening practice
  • Embedded assessments measure students’ growth and understanding throughout the course
  • Correlations to WIDA and other language programs
  • Dedicated course structure with 45 or 90-minute daily lessons
  • Immersive, everyday scenarios to enhance background knowledge

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Program Overview

Everyday English Plus is a dedicated, year-long course when taught 45 minutes per day, but has a flexible implementation to support teacher choice for 90 minutes per day of instruction for one semester. Students are immersed in everyday scenarios where they participate with units of study such as school, home, my neighborhood, and more.

Everyday English Plus High School Student