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Math Skills Assessment for Grades K–6

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Acadience Math (also published as DIBELS Math)

Efficient, Reliable Math Assessment Helps Educators Monitor Student Progress

Acadience® Math (previously published as DIBELS® Math) is a universal screening and progress-monitoring assessment that measures the acquisition of mathematics skills. Composed of measures of early numeracy, computation, and problem solving, these assessments give educators a quick-and-efficient way to monitor progress, tailor instruction, and guide students toward math proficiency.

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Give Educators the Tools They Need to Close the Achievement Gap

Every student learns differently. With the right tools to help identify which students need extra support and when, every student can succeed. Acadience Math provides brief, powerful indicators of mathematical skills that serve as universal screening and progress-monitoring measures to give educators the data they need to provide targeted math instruction.

Acadience Math:

  • Directly measures math skills that are responsive to instruction
  • Aligns to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics
  • Provides research-based benchmark goals for interpreting results
  • Is designed for use within problem-solving, Outcomes-Driven Model of decision making
  • Is efficient and economical for schools and districts

Why Acadience Math?

Acadience Math assessment measures are brief, powerful indicators of math skills that enable teachers to:

  • Identify students needing math intervention support (universal screening)
  • Validate areas to target instructional support
  • Plan and implement instructional support
  • Evaluate progress of each student and modify as needed
  • Review outcomes to determine if the support has been effective for individual students
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Roland Good, Ph.D.

Dr. Roland Good

Ruth Kaminski, Ph.D.

Dr. Ruth Kaminski

Powerful and Practical Assessment by Renowned Researchers

For more than 25 years, Dr. Roland Good and Dr. Ruth Kaminski* have committed their careers to creating assessments and tools that help educators improve outcomes for students and schools. Acadience® Learning is a culmination of ongoing research and development with consistent researchers.

**Drs. Good and Kaminski are not associated with any new measures under the DIBELS name, such as DIBELS 8th Edition. The product known as DIBELS 6th Edition is no longer available from Acadience Learning or Voyager Sopris Learning.

Address math challenges and prepare students for academic success

Quickly Find the Meaning in Data

Acadience® Data Management (ADM) is a reporting system that gives educators the data they need to make informed instructional decisions at all levels. This online system allows you to aggregate the data and easily interpret meaning through its clear and accurate reports.

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Acadience Data Management