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The Reading, Writing, and Math Intervention Specialist
Ten Things You Need to Know About ESSER Funding For the Upcoming School Year
May 11, 2022

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, educators are all too familiar with the fact that there has been clear learning loss among students across the nation.

Hannah Irion-Frake
Hannah Irion-Frake
Third-Grade Public School Teacher
Vocabulary Instruction: Strategies for the Classroom
April 21, 2022

Once a student has learned the alphabetic code, their vocabulary knowledge is the strongest predictor of reading comprehension.

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Dr. Anita Archer
Dr. Anita Archer
Author of REWARDS®
Learning Is Not a Spectator Sport: Essentials of Active Participation
March 31, 2022

When educators ask, what is the one action we can take to improve student learning, my answer is universal no matter the grade level or domain.

Dr. Leslie Laud
Reading, Writing, and Assessment Specialist
The Science of Writing: 8 Routines
March 16, 2022

At present, only 24% of the students in our nation write proficiently. Yet, a powerful, little-known evidence-based science of writing exists!

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John Alexander
Dr. John Alexander
Educator and Literacy Expert
The Teaching of Reading: Why Structured Literacy Matters
February 23, 2022

Let’s look at the English Learner through a linguistic lens and consider two different constructs: language acquisition and literacy development. These two are independent constructs with their own characteristics and phases of development.

Dr. Kelly A. Powell-Smith
Dr. Kelly A. Powell-Smith
Chief Science Officer at Acadience Learning
Aligning Assessment to Meet Schoolwide Literacy Needs
February 9, 2022

It is not enough for assessments to be designed for a specific purpose and technically adequate (i.e., reliability and validity in the traditional sense).

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