The Support Services Team is Committed to Serving Educators to Achieve Results

The launch of a program is the point at which the pre-planning strategies are implemented. During Launch, sessions will cover critical topics and questions.

  • Prepare district and campus leaders to monitor and support the program
  • Prepare teachers to teach the program as designed and assess student performance
  • Ensure that a daily or weekly schedule is designed and communicated
  • Ensure sufficient technology is available for teachers to enroll students and enter data

Leadership Orientation

Typically 3 hours, held prior to teacher training

The leadership orientation is designed to ensure that campus leaders and district administrators understand the foundational principles of the curriculum and the resources and tools that are available to support teachers and monitor classroom implementation. Administrators are also provided guidance in setting goals and expectations.

Teacher Training

Typically 1 or 2 days at least one week prior to start date. Launch training is designed to prepare teachers to successfully begin the program. The training introduces the curriculum in a format that focuses on the research (why we do it), specific instructional strategies and the program architecture (how we do it), assessments (how we measure it), and differentiation (what to do if students need additional support). Through content presentations, group interactions, lesson modeling, and practice, teachers will be prepared to begin teaching the program.

Questions to Think about for the Launch Phase

  1. What is the plan to conduct a leadership orientation to effectively monitor success of the program?
  2. What is the plan to train all teachers on how to implement the program?
  3. Do teachers have the materials necessary to teach the program? Do all participating students have materials?
  4. Have teachers organized the classroom to accommodate the instructional methodologies?
  5. Do teachers have a schedule for when to teach the program?
  6. Are teachers and other staff members ready to assess students to collect baseline data?
  7. Have students been enrolled in the data management system? The student technology program (if applicable?)
  8. Are campus leaders ready to monitor all classes during the first few weeks of implementation?