What We Do

The Support Services Team is Committed to Serving Educators to Achieve Results

Our team specializes in partnering with schools and districts to build custom implementation support plans—including planning, training, and ongoing support—to ensure all stakeholders are prepared to implement and sustain Voyager Sopris instructional programs. Unlike any other model, our services are:

  • Completely customized to district’s needs
  • Supportive of  rigorous standards integration  including CCSS and state standards
  • Proven to increase the effectiveness of instruction for sustained results
  • Based on deep and ongoing analysis of student data
  • Delivered by training and support specialists of unmatched expertise and experience

Take an In-Depth Look at Each Stage of Support: Customized to Match Your Implementation

Pre-Implementation Planning
  • Identify student achievement goals
  • Define roles and expectations
  • Determine professional 
    development needs
  • Identify key milestones
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  • Prepare district and campus leaders to monitor and support the program
  • Prepare teachers to teach the program as designed and assess student performance
  • Ensure that a daily or weekly schedule is designed and communicated
  • Ensure sufficient technology is available for teachers to enroll students and enter data
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Ongoing Support
  • Examine successes and identify solutions to overcome barriers
  • Review progress toward 
    instructional goals
  • Target support for schools
  • Build instructional capacity
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Data Review Support
  • Examine successes and identify solutions to overcome barriers
  • Evaluate actual growth versus expected gains
  • Identify schools and classrooms needing additional support
  • Adjust instructional and implementation plans based on results
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