What Do Educators Say?

Cindy Bryant

Exceptional Children’s Services Director
Charleston County School District

It has been a very hands-on support system that is provided not only to the district-level administrators but also the staff that are working with the students.

Hilda Alejandro

Secondary District Math Specialist
Edinburg Independent School District, TX

The EISD team and the Voyager team analyze our data and visit campuses and teachers together. We value our partnership with Voyager

Wanda Oliver

Reading/Math Specialist/Interventionist
Paulding County School District, CA

The EISD team and the Voyager team analyze our data and visit campuses and teachers together. We value our partnership with Voyager

Tina Saunders

Coordinator Title 1/Private Schools Program
Los Angeles Unified School District (Federal and State Education Branch) Los Angeles, CA

Quality Service The quality of initial and ongoing support has been unprecedented in my experience dealing with vendors of other company’s materials. The team at Voyager Sopris Learning took the time to understand the needs of our unique, supplemental pull-out program. In doing so, they have been able to adapt the materials while ensuring we retain and uphold the integrity of Voyager Passport. The teacher support as the program rolled out has had the added benefit of strengthening the skills of our teachers.

Lisa TompkinsLisa Tompkins

Special Services Instructional Facilitator
Cherokee County School District, Gaffney, SC

This is our second year using Vmath and TransMath in our elementary and middle school special services classrooms. Based on student Progress assessments within the programs, we have already seen student growth. This alone is encouraging, but knowing that we have a team of specialists supporting our implementation is phenomenal. At the onset, we were assigned an implementation specialist to train our teachers, visit classrooms to guide us through instruction, and help us interpret and analyze student data in VPORT. She is able to give us “real life” answers to questions regarding scheduling issues, what to do when students struggle, etc. With Voyager Sopris support, this experience has been a collaborative effort to help our students grow in math.

Sonya Porter

Director of Elementary Education
Jurupa Unified School District, Jurupa, CA

Intensive reading intervention has been one of our district’s priorities for the past 10 years. We first partnered with Voyager to provide staff development to teachers who would teach LANGUAGE! to 4–6th grade students who were two or more grade levels behind in reading.

John E. Allen

Jurupa Unified School District Jurupa, CA

consultant testimonial With the program, we received excellent district-based initial training and site-based classroom follow-up support. Our consultants have been of the highest quality: knowledgeable, teacher-friendly, and prompt in answering technical questions. Voyager has been an excellent partner, always responsive to district needs. They helped us formalize criteria or entry and exit, establish benchmarks, and monitor students’ progress and program effectiveness through data reports and analyses.

deanna parishDeanna Parish

Coordinator, Curriculum & Instruction, Department of Exceptional Children Services 
Charleston County School District, Charleston, SC

The support we receive from our Voyager Sopris partners has consistently been reliable, professional, and personal. I appreciate their eagerness for collaboration and efficiency in response to my questions. I feel that a successful implementation of programs is promoted through the willingness and expertise of the Voyager Sopris Support team to assist our district with problem solving and building internal capacity.

gail walkerGail Walker

Director of Teaching and Learning
Lexington City Schools, Lexington, TN

Working with Voyager Sopris Learning has been extremely helpful and rewarding. Our VSL Specialist has helped us with the implementation of Read Well. She is only a phone call or email away. She continues to help us with job-embedded professional development.