LANGUAGE! 4th Edition and FOEL

LANGUAGE! 4th Edition

Author: Jane Fell Greene
Grades: 4-12

Deliver LANGUAGE!® Instruction Digitally!

With this release, all LANGUAGE! components and proven content have been preserved. Moving the content to the digital platform increases implementation flexibility even more and supports school district technology initiatives.

Provide multisensory, targeted intervention with an intensive literacy curriculum for grades 4–12.

LANGUAGE! Overview

LANGUAGE! The Comprehensive Literacy Curriculum® provides intensive intervention. It integrates reading, writing, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, foundational skills, and spoken English, rapidly advancing students who score below the 40th percentile on standardized tests. Its parallel curriculum, LANGUAGE! Focus on English Learning® is specifically designed for English learners. When delivered as designed, LANGUAGE! documents accelerated literacy gains of two to six years in a single academic year. Download Overview

What Are the Benefits of Going Digital?

With this digital release, LANGUAGE! FOEL and Everyday English Plus materials are available in an eBook platform. Major benefits of this platform are that it enables literacy educators to:

  • Teach LANGUAGE! digitally from any device or with a blend of print and digital
  • Access and manage all LANGUAGE! content online
  • Send notes and assign work to students
  • Evaluate and grade assignments and send immediate feedback to students
  • Increase opportunities for student self-monitoring

The eBook offers a rich, interactive format of LANGUAGE and works on any device. It provide embedded multimedia links, search capability, pages viewable as thumbnails, and analytics—students can see the time they spend on an assignment in text and percent complete.

Students are able to highlight, make notes, and show their work. They can submit assignments and review feedback immediately.

With the eBook, Collaboration and Sharing is Easy!


Students can "write" on their digital books and share those notes  (annotations within text) with other students and teacher

Teacher can share annotated notes with all students or specific students

Students can use keyboard or pen to show work on assignments and then submit to teacher

Teacher can assign annotated assignments to students

Students can view reviewed work for immediate feedback

Teacher can grade assignments online and send back to student

The eBook Provides Easy Access to Lessons and Tools

Watch the video to see the benefits of teaching LANGUAGE! FOEL
from the eBook.